Burma Burma (Fort)

You could now travel from Andheri to Myanmar (Burma) in a matter of 45 Mins would you believe me?

well recently i visited the much talked about restaurant of fort Burma Burma. Firstly i have to say  it’s one of those fine dine resto we all wish to go but  at same time are worried about burning a huge hole in our pockets,over here i would like to break the myth for you guys by telling you it’s not overly priced nor expensive, the pricing is bang on.

when i reached the resto after walking from churchgate station in this april heat, the super chilled resto cooled me down like ice cubes chills down our drinks 😛 ,the first thing that i noticed was beautiful ambience of this place, the decor is very smartly done,let say it looks like a mini burma,from umbrellas on ceiling to a sleek yet modern bar it was a treat for the eye.

burma burma

Burma Burma

Now lets come to the main attraction of the place the food, readers you must to shocked to know that this place is completely Vegetarian, so it’s a delight for all veg palate people.

Now arriving at the main thing that’s the food,we tried the “OH NO KHOW SUEY” (pic attached below) which is highly recommended by most of the people,to tell you about it in detail well it’s a coconut based yellow curry mixed with exotic veggies like zucchini,broccoli,baby corn,etc & hakka noodles mixed along, and not to forget served with loads of compliments from fried onion & garlic, spring onion, peanuts, lemon wedges & coriander. this dish might sound heavy but believe me it’s extremely light on our tummy.



Burma Burma is not just a fine dine restaurant it is also a tea room so going without trying any kind of tea would have been wrong on my part. Burma burma serves a huge variety of teas which not only consist of our regular green and oolong teas but it also serves teas which you might not even imagined. We tried the almond tea which was served with compliments too. The tea was not extremely sweet but something between sweet and salty.

Almond Tea

Almond Tea

Mumbai Palate Verdict :- We highly recommend Burma Burma to all, specially vegetarian people who want a change in their palate they should definitely give it a try, also if you want to chill with someone special over a cup of tea this is a must go place.

Well this is MUMBAI PALATE signing off meet you next time with a new place and new menu to explore. 🙂

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Pesto Penne Pasta

When Homemade Food taste better than Fine Dine Restaurant

Happiness is Home-Made Food

Well you all must be shocked to read about me writing about home-made food,or rather the fancy word these days “Maa ke haath ka khana”. Well we all have been to fancy restaurants every now then,ever wondered why is it that we love our mom’s cooked food rather than resto food?  why is it that we find home-made roti sabjzi more tasty and priceless compared to Michelin star chefs food?

Today i am going to take you through a journey where i would like to tell you about my favourite homemade food.

the list is never-ending , but still i have managed to list my Top 5 for you guys.

  1. Pesto Penna Pasta
  2. Paneer Bhurji Sandwich
  3. homemade  mini pizza
  4. Hummus & Pita Bread
  5. Low Cal Peri Paneer with Veggies Salad.

Pesto Penne Pasta

This pasta is a combination of pesto sauce which is made out of nuts,parmesan cheese,garlic, loads of olive oil and most important  Fresh Basil leaves.

Mixed the pesto sauce with boiled penne and added some salt to taste and a dash of peri  peri mix for the spice, and how can you forget cheese, my mom garnished the pasta with a huge amount of parmesan cheese. 🙂

Pesto Penne Pasta with Parmesan Cheese

Pesto Penne Pasta with Parmesan Cheese

Paneer Bhurji Sandwich

as the name suggest, it’s a basic paneer burji a mix of paneer,capsicum,onions,tomato and spices mixed together but of course my mom made it a bit spicy as per my taste preference.

one the burji was prepared my mom made a toast from brown bread and topped it with spicy paneer burji and my all time favourite cheese and paprika powder. 🙂

Paneer Bhurji Sandwich

Paneer Bhurji Sandwich

Homemade Healthy Mini Pizza

when we talk about pizzas we always think about huge amount of calories and totally unhealthy topped with cheese, but i would like to break the glass here and tell you about the healthy version of my mom’s mini pizza, these mini pizzas are made of capsicum,onions,tomato,cabbage and of course cheese. the base was wheat base and had pizza sauce and the veggies on top and cheese in last. you guys should definitely give these pizzas a try.

Mini Veg Pizza

Homemade Healthy Mini Pizza

Burnt Garlic Hummus with Pita Bread

i personally love homemade hummus made by my mom, but this time my mom wanted to experiment and she added the flavour of burnt garlic, and believe me folks it tasted like heaven, if you’re a fan of strong flavours and specially garlic this recipe is a must try for all garlic lovers, hummus is a basic mixture of chickpeas, Tahini sauce,olive oil and garlic,salt and  dash of paprika.

of course the pita bread were brought fresh from the bakery, and vanilla coke just added to the whole meal that night.

Burnt Garlic Hummus with Pita Bread

Burnt Garlic Hummus with Pita Bread

Low Cal Peri Paneer with Veggies Salad

This salad dish in my home menu was originally created by my masi and latter a few additions  made by my mom has led to this all time favourite and filly dish on our menu.

Peri paneer is a basically home-made paneer made from cow’s milk and flatten it, later all veggies (capsicum,cucumber,tomato,onion) are cut in dices and mixed with a tangy sauce of schezwan,ketchup,peri peri and Sriracha. this mix is topped on the flat paneer and a few cheese bits on top and a pinch of chaat masala sprinkled for that chatpata taste on our palates and this whole dish is put in the air fryer for 5 mins or till the cheese melts a bit and voila. BON APPETITE.

Peri Paneer with Veggies Salad

Peri Paneer with Veggies Salad

These were few of the Home Made Dishes that i absolutely love and always crave for, i am sure you too have some favourite home-made dishes specially made by you loved ones for you. do share your favourite with me too, looking forward to reading them soon.

Till then signing off from MUMBAI PALATE…:)


Aloo Bomb

Journey from a Foodie to a Blogger

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments. “

There is a lot to write about food and it’s importance in your life. We all have our likes and prefered dishes which we die to eat and never leave a chance to have a taste of it when we comes across such dishes.
Same has been my story till date with food and how did that craze of tasting and eating various dishes turn out into a passion is still a mystery.

Let me start by telling you my short story when I was a little girl who when born didn’t really enjoy eating food or rather being stuff by my mother with the  “Ghar ka Khana” everyday when I came back home from school.

When I was 14 yrs old I didn’t really enjoying eating food,and to an extent that for me the only cuisine as an option for eating out was North Indian cuisine or Pav Bhaji it was only when I came to my college I realize there is another world of food which has alot of options to serve every possible taste buds in Mumbai.

Gradually by the time I was 16 yrs old and my birthday treat was at Pizza Hut (Juhu), somewhere back of my mind I started enjoying that pizza more than I had expected,and since then the foodie in me had taken birth. After that experience I had always been keen on trying new dishes on my canteen menu, be that from Dosa to Pav Vada to Frankie to Fresh Orange Soda opp my college. I use to always end up taking pictures and upload on my instagram account without knowing what magic till food clicking is gonna bring in my life.

In 2015, a revolution equivalent to 100 giant pizza’s came in my life, when my eye caught something completely unexpected, a very famous Facebook page featured my photograph of the famous ALOO BOMB @ Valkeshwar (Pic Attached below)  in the 10 Best Street Food of Mumbai article. It was only then when the cord struck me that why not start my own page and create a new Instagram account for same where I can showcase my love and passion for food, And hence MUMBAI PALATE was born on 1st June,2015.

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Mumbai palate has been to many places from street food to fine dine. I would be sharing all my experiences with you guys as and when I explore a new place, also I am an amature cook now days so if you would like me to post a few of my recipes or tell u in detail about to same then do let me know.

Hope you too will join me in this journey, till then Signing off from MUMBAI PALATE…:) ❤